we all have our own battles in this world

i understand that

but we wont have any battles to fight

if we lose this battle

we wont have other problems to deal with

if we don’t deal with this problem

now i’m not saying

there isn’t other things that are important

but what im saying is if we don’t change

the way we are going

if we don’t set our differences aside

and fight climate change

our differences won’t even matter

because there will be

no such thing as different

because we will all be the same


dear mr. president.

could you come take a walk with me

down by the shoreline

so i could show you what is going on in this world

cause it seems to me that adults are not doing you justice

your team is not doing you justice

a child needs to show you what is going on

i watched a seabird choked to death yesterday

right on the shoreline

i tried to go swimming but it was slack tide

and it brought to much garbage to the shore

we were afraid of cutting ourselves

on the sharp razors floating in the water

i went down to the water to see the baby sea turtles hatch

but none came up through the sand

a seal washed up to shore yesterday

a fishing net was wrapped around its neck

mr. president the seal was not breathing

i use to go to the beach to witness the beauty of the world

now its nothing but a war zone

mr. president

i went down to the shoreline and you weren’t there

why don’t you want to come take a walk with me?