my space

i once lived in a room full of imagination

turned my bedroom into a

concert venue

filled the place with music and roaring

crowds screaming encore.

then i invited you in

and now that you have left 

that concert hall is closed

the seats are empty

the music is off

and now my room is gone.

you took my space away.

i have dreams too

i lost myself in the chaos of thinking

that losing you meant i had no 


i had no reason

but then i remembered i had

dreams before you and i will still

have dreams after you.

1 member 

as an artist

the saddest thing

is not being able to show

your work to the one person

you want to show it most too.


i find comfort in the idea that 

the worst thing happened 

and that it can’t get worse 

i'm alone .


for months I was nothing but colorless 

you took that from me when you left

but then i realized to stop choosing you

i must choose me

there is color for me 

from me 

in me.