The trees are screaming and no-one is listening. And it seems that we wont until it’s our own backyard burning. Which is when it will be too late Your foolish if you think you can save your house if everything surrounding it is up in flame. Mother Nature laughs in the crumbling of the trees and in the crackling of the leaves. She’s willing to destroy herself so that we will listen. So its up to us children to listen since leaders in this world will not. It’s up to us children to get America back into the Paris Agreement so that 50 years from now our grandchildren will be able to experience something as simple as walking through a rainforest. I know we all love money, who doesn’t but don’t you love breathing too. Animals shouldn’t be burning alive at the hands of humans not caring about the temperatures rising. People shouldn’t be evacuating cause a wild fire is becoming to close to their house. A couple shouldn’t have to bear the event of leaving work in the morning then coming home to nothing but burnt wood and ash. The tides are rising and the mountains are burning eventually there wont be space to run to eventually we will have to face this whether we want to or not.